About SAB

SABshoppe is your online Social Media shop where you can find the latest millennial trends in fashion and beauty products. We cater to the millennials and fashionistas

SabShoppe is your deal scanner where we check every online store and recommends products and services so you can get the best deal to enjoy and shop.  We work with different brands and work on deals to share it with you our beloved readers.

SABSHOPPE collaborates with different social media influencers to get a wider reach on connections and find the latest trend in the market.  We are always out and about meeting brand owners and executives, testing out different food and beverages, checking out clothes and electronic gadgets, and even befriended some know celebrities, stylists, interior designers, and more.

Located in the heart of Quezon city in the busy community of Eastwood city where we get to experience a celebrity lifestyle.

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