How I Protect Myself and my Family from COVID-19

Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 is a very dreadful virus that already killed millions of people and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Most of us are afraid to go out because this invisible enemy is everywhere and is ready to attack us anytime, when we are in our most vulnerable state, just like by talking to our family and friends who are asymptomatic or have just been infected by the virus. COVID-19 can get us affected with the simplest touching of ATM machines, elevator buttons, doorknobs, or even stairway rails.

This makes us isolate ourselves in the house but it can also lead to cabin fever or even mental problems, due to withdrawals. We became so sedentary that made us feel weak, gain weight, unhealthy and living in fear.

This should not happen if we will fight Coronavirus all together but adapting to the what they call the “NEW NORMAL”.

Going out or living our lives according to the new normal is not hard if we know how to protect ourselves.

Washing our hands frequently is still the best defense against catching thye coronavirus, avoid touching our faces particularly our mouths, nose and eyes which are the most easy access to this COVID-19 to infect and mutate inside our respiratory tract making us weak and is fatal.

Another way of protecting ourselves is wearing face mask and face shields. These protections not only helps us in protecting ourselves but also our loved ones. By wearing these protection the spreading of COVID-19 though droplets can be contained. That is why getting the best protection is also an investment. Invest on the best protection to keep you and your family healthy and virus free.

Speaking of best protection I have here a list of my Personal protection please click the link: TRANSPARENT FACE PROTECTION

Being out in public feels really good and exhilarating, it keeps the stress out from being cooped up in the house and being paranoid if the world is indeed coming to the end. Being out makes us feel and see that life is beautiful and we must continue living our lives free of fear yet protected.

I get to see my friends and family again (although with social distancing) but wearing a mask can hide our smile and facial expressions. So I thought of getting myself and my family a mask that is see-through. Although of course, wearing a regular mask is still the best, but with social distancing and these transparent facemasks, we can continue with our normal lives.

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