AsaVea versus Bellezon

We all have different skin types and each reacts to products differently.

In this post, I am going to compare two famous body and private parts whitening creams, and after using them for almost a month, I can surely say that there is a big difference between the two.

Which is more effective? Continue reading…

As a traveler, I am prone to jock itch, and it can be nasty. After it heals, it leaves a dark spot that can be very hard to get rid of. Unless it is a product that truly works and is not just plain propaganda just to gain buyers and get monetized, I don’t bother getting it.

I first ordered Asavea Advanced Brightening Whitening cream with collagen. I am a vlogger myself, so I consult Mr. Youtube regarding anything I buy that needs confirmation.

I have found some videos of people using it and essaying their use of this whitening cream. So I have decided to give it a try.

Went to Amazon and BAM! I found it!

It was not really pricey for $19.80, since it promises effectiveness.

I used up a 60ml tube and I was really disappointed! Bought another tube and still it did not even change the darkened spot on my inner thigh. YES, FRUSTRATING!

SO, I have decided to move on and try a different brand and this time I saw Bellezon Whitening cream. At first, I was already skeptical because, just like AsaVea, it promises an instant whitening. However, that instant whitening is just masking the dark spot, which becomes immediately apparent after you have washed it off. The dark spot is still there.

So I purchased Bellezon whitening Cream 10 Seconds Instant Whitening Active White 60ml.

On it first use, the texture is more runny, unlike AsaVea where it is a little thicker and more starchy. (I hope it was not fake.) Going back, Bellezon was more promising!

You also have to use it twice daily, leaving it on the affected area for 15-30 minutes and massaging it for 30 seconds in order for it to be completely absorbed by the skin.

Which is more effective???

Bellezon lightened the darkened inner thigh after 3 days of using it religiously. I will continue using it until I achieve the desired result since this is just a first impression. I will do a final review on Bellezon and share it with my readers who are also experiencing the same skin problem.

Nothing more to say!

Disclaimer: I used my own money to buy both products, and I was not paid by Bellezon for this review.

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